Mission Statement

“The Shepherd’s Crew”

Our Pastor is the most valuable asset of our ministry, because he is the Shepherd that feeds the flock.

Service Hearted and Service Minded
“God has shown us that there are rewards for giving to the man of God, we want to take care of him; we love him and embrace his vision to make us better fit for God’s ministry.”

Our goal is to support our Pastor and his family, spiritually, financially, and emotionally, through a variety of fund-raiser activities and other services.  The members of the ministry are assigned to take responsibility for providing various items and supplies for the Pastor and his family.  The ministry spearheads the church in celebrating Pastor’s anniversary, birthday, appreciation events, and other special occasions. 




Mission Statement

“The mission of the Liturgical Dance Ministry is to use dance as a powerful tool of praise and worship to the honor, edification and glory of God.  Being led by the Spirit of God, this ministry seeks to bless, heal, deliver, cleanse and reveal the power of God’s anointing through dance. As we die to self, God will be glorified, edified and blessed by our total and absolute humble submission to His will.  Thus, God, the multitudes and the ministry will be blessed.”






Mission Statement

To encourage audiences to search God’s word for themselves.

To motivate audiences to question their hidden prejudices/judgments.

To inspire audiences to look beyond the obvious and find the deeper meaning.

To release audiences to be free to laugh at their own behaviors.

To entertain audiences with a wholesome family venue.

To allow this ministry to be used as an open door to salvation.



Mission Statement

To advance God’s kingdom and this church by helping people feel

comfortable through the love of Christ.  Ushers maintain an atmosphere of worship

and order before, during and after worship service.

(And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.  Colossians 3:23)




Mission Statement

We are a ministry that loves unconditionally with tender mercies towards all people.

Our mission activity is to donate time as needed, where needed, and when needed,

expressing and sharing our love with God’s people.  We strive to inspire future hope

in God by  bringing forth the Word from the bible, offering Christ to those who may

not know  him and uplifting Christ to those whom have chosen Him.





Mission Statement

Deacons will be supportive of the Pastor and church at all times, be committed about

living their life for God and be a good example for others.  Deacons will also be

responsible for helping the Pastor maintain the spiritual and physical welfare of the church.




Mission Statement

The purpose of this ministry is to communicate, inform and enlighten the church

of the weekly operations of all ministries and the affairs of the church through

a weekly bulletin.




Mission Statement

Christian Education is a ministry dedicated to escalating the mind, body and spirit of

each member to be more in tune with Christ and their Christian brothers and sisters.

  This is a ministry which will follow and deliver the messages of Christ our Lord and

Savior as spelled out in the books of the Bible.